Let's Get You Connected

Hey! Ty Williams here, your dedicated referral agent! Regardless of whether you are looking to switch out your real estate agent, buy a home, sell your home or business, or maybe you're relocating. Finding a real estate professional that can properly assist you, is the first critical step. I help you start your real estate journey by, leveraging the experience and expertise within my network to connect you with an excellent real estate professional; that will help meet your needs. My referral services include, residential, commercial, industrial, relocation and other real estate refferal services based on need. With a well connected network of real estate professionals I’m not limited to matching you geographically, monetarily, or personality-wise. I provide this service to you at no out of pocket cost!

Ty - At Your Service

  • Source & Pre-Screen Real Estate Agents To Ensure a Good Fit

  • Connect Serious Consumers with a Top Quality Real Estate Agent

  • Continual Follow Ups Throughout the Transaction to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

  • Other Referral Services Based on Need

Global Reach

  • South America

  • North America

  • Asia

  • Europe

  • Africa


Q: Why would I want to be referred by one real estate agent to another?

A: For many people time is money. If you have the time to sift through thousands of real estate agents, than that's perfectly fine and my service isn't for you. As a licensed real estate referral agent I have built relationships with other agents throughout the country. By letting me help you, you will have your own personal human resource.

Q: What qualifications are required for the real estate agents?

A: The better I understand your needs the better I can match. However, the core qualifications of the top real estate agents I look for within my network is at least 25 recently completed transactions, at least 5 years of experience, a long history of customer satisfaction, good conflict resolution skills and a passion for the service they provide.

Q: What if I don't like the real estate agent I'm matched with?

A: As your dedicated referral agent my goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your referring agent, so that you can start your real estate journey. In the event you're unhappy with the reffering agent, it's essential to communicate this to me ASAP so that you can be matched with another. Preferrably before any contracts are signed!

About Me

I began my real estate career in 2017, with experience as a Buyer’s agent, in new model home sales, relocations and negotiations. My choice to build a career in real estate stems from my passion for making an impact on one’s life and assisting them in such an important financial decision. In addition, I have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, with a concentration in Biological Sciences and an advanced degree in Business. I’m partnered with Coldwell Banker Realty, CBRRN as a licensed real estate referral agent, while I continue building on other business endeavors. My partnership with CBRRN enables me to remain active in the real estate community and bridge the gap of trust, by providing a much-needed free service to buyers, sellers and investors. I enjoy serving my community. I put your needs first!